LG to show off WiDi televisions at CES 2012

LG to show off WiDi televisions at CES 2012
Intel and LG seal the deal

LG has sealed a strategic alliance with Intel which will see the latter's wireless display technology make its debut in televisions in 2012, and allow people to stream their content from tablets, phones and computer.

Intel's WiDi is all about high quality streaming but has yet to land on televisions; which remains the key screen in the average home.

That's all set to change following Intel's agreement with LG, and the Korean manufacture is hoping that it will give it the edge over its consumer electronics rivals.

Wider variety

"Through this strategic alliance, Cinema 3D Smart TV users will be able to access a wider variety of content in a more convenient manner," said LG Home's Seog-ho Ro.

"Intel WiDi will be one of several features that will enhance the user convenience of our Cinema 3D Smart TVs, further differentiating our products from the competition."

The tech will not be confined to LG televisions either – with the company confirming that the alliance will see WiDi integrated into its key products.

"Intel is planning to expand Intel WiDi technology to various devices to provide con-sumers the seamless, smarter usage experience," said Hee-Sung Lee, Country Manager of Intel Korea.

"Through this collaboration with LG Electronics, LG cinema 3D Smart TV users could also benefit from Intel's WiDi without the need to purchase an external adapter."

The first LG WiDi Cinema 3D products will be on show at CES 2012 –so TechRadar will be hoping to get a little time to see how well the WiDi integration works.

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