LG flexes its TV muscle at CES 2014, announces the first flexible OLED

LG flexible TV
LG combines flexible and OLED technology

Bendable TV technology is around the bend for consumers, so it's fitting that LG announced it's bringing the first flexible OLED television to CES 2014.

"LG's Flexible OLED TV is a product that has to be seen to be believed because it defies description," said LG President and CEO Hyun-Hwoi Ha.

The LG head's "seeing is believing" comments are what this bendable TV screen is all about. You can adjust the curvature of the display to transform the TV's angle.

It's an effort to get the best TV viewing experience no matter where you sit in your living room.

LG Flexible OLED TV at CES

LG's 77-inch flexible 4K Ultra HD OLED TV isn't the only bendable television at CES this year.

Its South Korean TV manufacturing rival, Samsung, is also bending over backwards to show off its innovative curved screen technology, too.

The Samsung bendable TV is a larger 105 inches compared to LG's 77-inch effort. However, LG upped the ante with the OLED technology that Samsung's monster lacks.

The introduction of flexible TVs is the latest trend at CES 2014, but only time will tell whether it's another 3D-like fad or a more permanent high-definition and Ultra HD-like transition waiting to happen.

LG seems to think it's the matter, stating in a press release that, "what curved is to flat, flexible is to curved."

Matt Swider