Sony's non-4K Bravia line-up priced, isn't too wallet-wounding

Sony announces Bravia UK pre-order prices
The W900A, in all its glory

Sony announced its W series Bravia non-4K TVs back at CES 2013, but now we've actually got some prices to go alongside - and they're not quite as eye-watering as you might expect.

The W905A, which is available in 55-inch, 46-inch and 40-inch sizes, is set to start from £1,400, while the W8905 and W807, which come in 55-inch, 47-inch and 42-inch sizes will be starting at £1000.

And finally, the smallest of the pack, the W653 and W654, come in slightly smaller dimensions of 42-inches and 32-inches, with starting price tags of £550 to match. These one also don't come packing 3D like the more pricey editions do.

No 4K? No worries

All models come with Sony's X-Reality Pro picture processor, along with Motionflow XR to keep up during those fast-paced car chases.

Plus, each TV is WiFi-enabled and features One-touch mirroring, letting viewers display content from certain NFC-enabled phones.

And they can be yours to take home at the end of the month, so long as you're not looking to jump on the Ultra HD bandwagon just yet.

Hugh Langley

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