Freesat added 'more homes than Sky and Virgin combined' this year

Freesat: We added more homes that Sky and Virgin combined this year
Freesat enjoying the spring sunshine

Freesat arrived in more new homes in the last 12 months than Sky and Virgin Media combined, according to the company's latest figures.

The subs-free satellite platform apparently added around 150,000 homes in the past 12 months, which it claims is significantly more than its pay rivals in both dish and cable.

Therefore it's holding on to its title of being the fastest growing established TV platform - which presumably comes with some kind of medal. Or hat. Or belt.

Squar(ial) brackets

Whatever, it's clearly been a decent year for Freesat, with storng growth of its pretty but horribly named connected boxes and tipping over the 1.7 million homes mark.

That's still some way short of Sky's total of 10.3 million homes, claimed back in their last set of released figures from the period ending in December 2012.

Virgin Media's last tally was 3.7 million television subscribers - with terrestrial digital television leading the war of the platforms with 11 million homes.

Of course, at the rear of the pack is the still fledgling YouView - which is coming from naught so it technically the fastest growing non-established TV platform. There's no hat/medal for that. Probably.

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