Disney's massive new streaming service, DisneyLife, has just gone live

Disney's massive new streaming service goes live

DisneyLife has launched today and could be the ultimate family streaming service for the Disney-obsessed.

Featuring the largest library of Disney content the company has ever made available, the new service launches first in the UK, and you can sign up right now for a free one month trial. Be careful though: the little 'uns might end up hooked…

It's primarily aimed at mobile devices, operating on both iOS and Android, and available at both their app stores and at the DisneyLife website. However, there's no problem with tethering it to your TV for that big-screen feel.


If you want to stream any of its Disney Channel TV box sets or the huge wealth of Disney movies – stretching all the way back to Snow White – you can either cast it with a Chromecast or compatible device, or use Apple's AirPlay with the Apple TV.

Everything Disney, all the time

But it's not just about the video content – though there really is a huge amount of Disney movies you probably didn't know were Disney-made. There is also a wealth of music from all the movies, as well as the whole Disney stable of artists including Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez.


One of the best reasons for it being mobile focused is that DisneyLife also allows you to download an ever-expanding library of Disney books catering for a wide range of ages.

Although it is primarily a connected service, DisneyLife does also offer an offline option, letting you download content to your device while you're online to take away with you.

Stuck abroad

Unfortunately, as it's a UK-only service for the moment, and there's no way to use the service online unless you're connected to a UK network. You're going to need a whole lot of tablet storage available, as you're not going to be able to download Frozen to your hotel room when you're abroad.

And, despite being a Disney property, there's no Star Wars content available. That's a shame considering both Rebels and the brilliant Clone Wars cartoons were broadcast on Disney XD.


As is now the way with streaming services, you pick up DisneyLife as a contract-free monthly subscription. It costs £9.99 per month, but a family account comes as standard. That means up to six profiles can be accessed simultaneously from a single account.

Each of those profiles can have different parental controls attached and as the service is used it will learn the user's viewing/listening habits and recommend age-sensitive content targeted at them.

There is though a lot of competition from both Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video with both having their own dedicated kids areas, complete with parental controls and non-Disney content too.