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Cheap supermarket TVs carry hidden cost, says Which?

Cheap supermarket TV's carry hidden cost says Which?
Sony KDL-40CX523

Which? Magazine has conducted tests that suggest that low-cost supermarket televisions cost significantly more to run than their brand-name counterparts, making the price difference far less relevant.

The consumer magazine's investigation pitted the 40 inch Technika 40-270 against a 40-inch Sony Bravia KDL-40CX523.

The price difference between the two is £150, with the Technika costing £299 and the Bravia £459.

However, Which? ran an energy use test that suggested the former cost around £42 a year to run, compared to £25 for Sony's set.

Which? infographic

Extrapolating that over a five-year period, the total cost of the lesser brand television was £508, compared to £559 for Sony's set.


So, Which? suggests that the real question for bargain hunting consumers is whether they would pay the extra £50 to own a Sony Bravia instead.

Incidentally, TechRadar's Sony Bravia KDL-40CX523 review gave the set a four star rating.

Which? Conversation editor Patrick Steen said: "Cut-price TVs don't always add up. Not only do they often fail to offer the best picture quality, they also hold a hidden cost.

"Their poor energy efficiency could leave you paying hundreds of pounds extra over the years."

TechRadar has reached out to supermarkets for comment on this story.