Microsoft Surface Pro 6 leak reveals official name and new curvy design

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Microsoft's most recent Windows 10-powered Surface Pro did a curious thing, dropping the numbering system used by all its predecessors from its official name, and instead opting for a more Apple-like approach with the rather vanilla name of '2017 Surface Pro'. For all intents, however, that 2017 Surface Pro is essentially the Surface Pro 5 – it's the successor to the 2015-model Surface Pro 4, after all.

However, a new leak today suggests that Microsoft is backtracking on that decision to drop the generational model numbering, with Vietnamese website (opens in new tab) revealing what appears to be the next Surface Pro tablet – and just days before Microsoft's next big hardware reveal event, which is scheduled for October 2

The new video and images purport to be a hands-on review of the latest Windows tablet, and includes a full unboxing, with packaging and the device itself clearly showing that it'll be called the 'Surface Pro 6' .

It’s also clear from the video that the Surface Pro 6 will retain the familiar design of its predecessors, with the minor tweak of more rounded corners, making it similar to the recently launched Surface Go.

Microsoft has so far avoided using USB-C ports in its Surface Pro devices, and the Surface Pro 6 seems to be no exception, sticking with the USB-A ports found on previous models. (Microsoft did recently launch a USB-C dongle for Surface Pro and Surface Laptop users, however.)

From the spec sheet shown off in the images, the device seems to be an entry-level model, with the key upgrade coming in the form of new 8th-generation Intel CPUs – a Core i5 in this instance – which offer better performance and higher energy efficiency. The unit on show also seems to include 128GB of storage alongside 8GB of memory under the hood.

Despite Microsoft patenting new tech for the Surface Pen, we’re yet to hear any news about the possibility of a new and improved accessory for the Surface Pro range – and there's no sign of it in this new leak, either.

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