Sony's next-best 4K OLED TV is a lot cheaper than the A90J

Sony TV 2021
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The Sony A80J OLED – or AJ80, outside of the US – is launching this March, and we finally have pricing confirmed for the upcoming OLED TV.

The A80J is a step-down model compared to the A90J flagship, which had its price tag formally unveiled at the start of the month. The A80J retains most of the impressive specifications of the A90J, but at a much more reasonable price – making it a smart buy for those wanting a high-performing television without breaking the bank.

Available to pre-order from March, the A80J starts at £1,999 (around $2,700) for a 55-inch size, going up to £2,699 (around $3,700) for a 65-inch and £4,199 (around $5,800) for a 77-inch size. These aren't small sums for most, certainly, but it's still a big step down from the $2,999 / £2,699 starting price of the A90J.

Sony TVs tend to be a bit pricier in the UK, though, you can expect US pricing to be a bit less than the price conversions listed above. Sony TVs tend to come to Australia a little later (the A80J isn't even listed on Sony's AU website yet) but it should happen eventually too.

Sony's middle child

The Sony A80J is sure to grab attention as a step-down OLED TV – one that offers the latest processing with a new compromises to bring it to a lower price – but one that's still higher quality than the more humdrum LCD 4K TVs found in Sony's 2021 range.

You're still getting Sony's new Cognitive Processor XR, with AI algorithms to better suss out distinct objects onscreen and focus the processing on areas of importance, much in the same way our own brains do (at least, that's what Sony is claiming). You also get Sony's innovate (if divisive) Acoustic Surface Audio+ feature, which literally vibrates the TV panel to emit sound, as well as HDMI 2.1 support with VRR, ALLM and eARC for a host of gaming and audio functionality. Dolby Vision and Atmos are supported here too.

We now also have pricing for the Sony X80J LCD TV, which will start at just £699 (around $950) for a 43-inch size, going up to £799 (around $1,100) for a 50-inch, £899 (around $1,250) for a 55-inch, £1,049 (around $1,450) for a 65-inch and £1,499 (around $2,000) for a 75-inch size (technically called the X81J).

The Sony X80 makes do with a lower-spec X1 processor, but still comes with some HDMI 2.1 and eARC functionality, as well as Dolby Vision and Atmos support.

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