Gold and silver PS4 consoles confirmed – and they're surprisingly affordable

Update: Sony has now confirmed on its European and US blogs that it will indeed be releasing limited edition PlayStation consoles in silver as well as gold later this month.

The gold PlayStation Slim will be released in the US on June 9 and in Europe on June 28, though the US will receive a 1TB version while Europe will see the release of a 500GB version. 

Perhaps to make up for the smaller hard drive space, Europe will also have the option of a silver 500GB console on June 28. All of the consoles will be limited edition, so if you want to get your hands on them you’ll have to be fast!

The console has been confirmed to cost a lower $249.99 in the US while the European blog has directed fans to check their local retailers for prices closer to the time. 

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Outside of special editions tied to specific games or competitions, it’s not often we see PlayStation consoles released in colors other than white or black anymore. That could be about to change, however, if there’s any truth behind recent images of a gold PS4 Slim that have appeared online

Sony hasn’t announced any plans to release a gold 1TB slim console, but an image posted on Reddit by a Target employee certainly makes it look like a release isn’t all that far away, in the US at least.

According to the Reddit poster, the console will actually go on sale as soon as June 9, just a few days before Sony’s E3 press conference. That doesn’t leave much time to make an announcement. 

Gold standard

Of course, you can already purchase a gold PS4 controller (alongside many other colors) on its own but the opportunity to get a console that matches is no doubt appealing to many. 

If the images are real could this be a sign that Sony is planning to release more console color options to match its various controllers in the way it did for the PS2? We wouldn’t be averse to that.

It’s slightly surprising that the different color option wouldn’t be available for the PS4 Pro, but then again this could be Sony taking an iPhone 5C approach with its consoles – affordable and colorful options for those that don't aren't interested in the top-of-the-line gear.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed and when we reached out to Sony for comment they replied that they do not comment on rumor and speculation.

One thing’s for sure, if a gold PS4 console does go on sale it might make those Taco Bell special editions from 2015 feel a little less special. 

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