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Square now selling digital gift cards on iOS

The Square update includes Passbook integration

An update released today for the iOS version of the digital credit card app Square Wallet has added plastic-less gift cards to its array of wireless payment methods.

Square Wallet 2.5 comes with the featured gift card update, which allows users to buy, send, and receive e-cards of varying values for businesses that have registered as Square merchants.

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The update also applies to Square Register, the business side of the app, which now accepts the gift cards, integrates with Apple's Passbook application, and works with QR codes.

Square is processing around $10 billion in wireless transactions each year.

Universal wallet

Mobile payment services have had a slow track record of adoption by enterprise businesses, the key gateways to success for companies like Square.

The addition of Passbook integration is a concerted attempt to buck that trend, by allowing Square payments to process through iOS 6 software.

Jack Dorsey, the founder of Square, took to Twitter today to confirm the update, as well as to show a few practical applications for the gift card function.

With the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 now a marketable piece of Square's mobile payment landscape, the potential for widespread use of in-person digital payments seems more likely than ever.

Via TheNextWeb