Looking for a cheap treadmill? Smartwatch brand Mobovi can help

Mobvoi treadmill
(Image credit: Mobvoi)

Mobvoi, best known for the excellent but underappreciated Ticwatch Pro smartwatch range, has branched out into home fitness with a new super-affordable treadmill.

Treadmills have been a hot commodity since the beginning of the pandemic, with runners and walkers preferring to exercise indoors to avoid travel restrictions and cope with the temporary closure of gyms.

When we spoke to Olivia Neely, personal trainer at Starks Fitness to find out what to look for when buying a treadmill, she advised looking for a model with a belt at least 48 inches long and 16 inches wide, and a maximum speed of 10mph.

The Mobvoi Home Treadmill is a simple model that falls below those specifications, with a belt measuring 39.39 inches long and 15.75 inches wide and a top speed of about 7.5mph, making it more suited to walking than stretching your legs for a proper run.

Walk this way

If that's your preferred form of exercise though, the Home Treadmill might be just right. It has a dual LED display to show your current running stats; a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can enjoy music and audiobooks from a phone or tablet; and a water-resistant surface to protect from sweat, splashes from your water bottle, and spritzes of disinfectant spray.

Its low-powered motor and sound-insulating belt mean it's quiet too. The handlebars (containing the display) can be removed so you can use it paired with a standing desk to get some gentle exercise while you work.

It's priced at $449.99 / £399.99 (about AU$630), which is a very reasonable price for a modestly-specced treadmill, and we suspect it may prove very popular as a budget option for indoor strolling. It's available to buy now direct from Mobvoi.

Cat Ellis

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