Secretlab’s comfy new gaming chairs aim to be the ultimate PC thrones

Forget Game of Thrones, how about a gaming throne? That would come courtesy of Secretlab, which has just launched updated versions of its sporty Throne and flagship Omega lines of PC gaming chairs.

Both new versions of the Throne and Omega (pictured above) have better inner cushioning, to allow for a more even distribution of the player's weight across the seat, and therefore improved comfort levels.

Also contributing to the comfort is a new memory foam lumbar pillow, designed to mold to the body and effectively support the lower back.

Furthermore, Secretlab has worked on the arm rests of both chairs, improving their ergonomics and making them wider, again to make things more comfortable for the user. The hydraulic lift now offers a more extensive range of height levels, too, to suit more people.

Meet your new PC gaming throne: the Secretlab, well, Throne

Meet your new PC gaming throne: the Secretlab, well, Throne

Back benefits

On top of all this, the Omega 2018 has been given a new design with a more modern look, complete with back rest wings which are positioned lower down, and are more prominent, with the aim of reducing stress on the back.

The Omega has a multi-functional tilt mechanism, as before, and is padded with a layer of cold-cured foam for better comfort, and is finished in stain-resistant leather. It retails at £400 (around $525, AU$695) in the UK but will be reduced to £279 (around $370, AU$485) as a launch offer – think of it as an early Black Friday deal.

The Throne 2018 (pictured above) has been redesigned to an even greater extent, moving away from the traditional bucket seat to a contemporary design that will be more at home in your average study or even office.

The ‘go-faster’ style striping has also been dropped for similar reasons, with solid blocks of color being adopted instead (albeit still more vibrant coloring for a ‘sporty’ feel: you can choose from red or purple).

The Throne 2018 is pitched at £350 (around $460, AU$605), but again a special launch offer will see it reduced to £249 (around $330, AU$430). Pre-orders for the chairs go live today, so you can move now to snag one of the aforementioned discounts.

We’re planning to take a look at these chairs soon, so keep an eye on our best gaming chairs roundup to see if they make the cut.

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