Samsung promises to ‘redefine the role of the TV’ on March 2

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Despite announcing several new Neo QLED TVs and an 88-inch version of The Wall at CES 2021 last month, Samsung isn’t done with TV announcements for the year. 

Today, Samsung sent out invitations to press for an event called “Unbox & Discover” that will focus on TVs and displays, and “redefine the role of the TV through cutting-edge technologies, beautiful design and impactful partnerships.”

Likely that will mean more of an in-depth look at the new versions of The Frame and The Serif, two staples in Samsung’s TV lineup that prioritize design over performance, as well as any updates to Tizen and Samsung TV Plus.

The event will be available to stream on the Samsung Newsroom and on March 2, starting at 10am EST / 3pm BST. 

Samsung Unpacked, but for TVs instead?

Calling the event Unbox & Discover seems to be an intentional play on the company’s annual Samsung Unpacked event for new Galaxy devices. (Unpacked, if you haven’t watched it before, is usually a two-hour showcase of Samsung’s upcoming phones with deep dives into all of the new features.) 

If Unbox & Discover follows the same formula, we’ll get a complete breakdown of Samsung’s new NeoQLED technology and a refresher course on Samsung’s Micro LED technology, alongside any updates to the software and speaker tech.

In short, it's a dedicated time to talk about the new QLED and Crystal UHD TVs. 

The good news is that we already know quite a bit about them: Samsung told us its 2021 QLED series will be available starting on March 6 with the Samsung QN90 that starts at $1,799 (£1,300 / AU$2,300) and given us details on its 8K lineup, but Unbox & Discover could give us more time to see the TVs in action.

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