Samsung Pay has been delayed for those living in the UK

There's a reason you haven't heard about Samsung Pay in the UK for the last few months - the launch has been delayed until 2017.

Samsung previously confirmed Samsung Pay was set to launch in the UK during 2016, but now the company has told The Telegraph it will be delayed until next year.

TechRadar has asked Samsung about why the delay has happened, but The Telegraph is reporting it's because of prolonged negotiations with UK banks. 

A long time coming

For now you’ll have to settle for Android Pay on your Samsung phone. Sadly Android Pay isn't compatible with your Samsung Gear smartwatch so you’ll have to wait until next year to use payments on your wrist.

Samsung it trailing behind in the UK contactless payment space. Apple Pay launched in 2015, while Android Pay landed in May 2016 – but Samsung Pay does still have one benefit over the competing services.

Samsung Pay allows you to make payments at non-contactless terminals using tech that works in a similar way to the magnetic strip on credit cards. 

It means you’ll be able to use Samsung Pay at any card terminal, even if it’s not contactless compatible.

James Peckham

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