Samsung M8 4K Smart Monitor is iMac-like in colours and looks

Samsung's new Smart Monitor
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung, which had unveiled the M8 Smart Monitor at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, today announced that they were available for pre-order globally. Available in slim design, in 32-inches with UHD resolution, a slimfit camera and four new colour options, the monitor decidedly gives off iMac vibes, especially when it comes to sleekness. The thickness of the new model is just 11.4mm, about three-quarters slimmer than the previous models.

First launched in November 2020, Samsung’s Smart Monitor series is designed for use both at work and for entertainment. The monitors also have SmartTV capability as they come with pre-connected OTT platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Apple TV via Wi-Fi. Users don't need to connect to a PC or TV to access these platforms.

The Samsung M8 Smart Monitor runs Tizen, the same operating system that ships with Samsung TVs. There is an infrared remote in the box for operating the monitor in TV mode.

Available in four colour models

Samsung's new Smart Monitor

(Image credit: Samsung)

The monitor comes with a 32-inch UHD display with 3,840 x 2,160-pixels resolution and a 60Hz refresh rate. The display also features adaptive picture technology to enhance viewer comfort by automatically adjusting display brightness and colour temperature.

In addition, there is a magnetic SlimFit Cam that can attach to the monitor and can be removed at any time. The camera supports Face Tracking and Auto Zoom functions to follow and capture an individual speaker. The monitor supports video chat apps such as Google Duo.

Samsung said the M8 monitor is available in four colours - Warm White, Sunset Pink, Daylight Blue and Spring Green. Kyounghoon Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of Design Team, Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics, said: "The M8’s colour palette composed of four different colors was inspired by the theme ‘Shades of Nature’. Gazing at the clear blue sky on a bright sunny day, recharging in the lush green forest, or finally bathing in the glow of a sunset."

It features a height adjustable stand (HAS) and tilt functionality to help users find the perfect position.

Not clear when Samsung will start shipping the monitor

Samsung's new Smart Monitor

(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 has an upgraded Smart Hub, and the Workspace User Interface offers all services needed to work on one screen, including Samsung DeX, Apple AirPlay 2 and Microsoft 365 cloud service, as well as mirroring content from smartphone to the smart monitor.

Using SmartThings Hub, users can connect all their IoT devices wirelessly. The SmartThings app allows users to track IoT devices throughout the house easily. The Smart Monitor M8 is also equipped with a high-sensitivity Far Field Voice microphone that uses an Always On Voice function, displaying conversation information on screen when Bixby is activated, even if the monitor screen is turned off.

For connectivity, a USB-C port that serves triple duty (display, up to 65W charging and data transmission), thus eliminating the need for multiple cables. There is also a Micro HDMI port, a second USB-C port, Bluetooth 4.2, and Wi-Fi 5. 

Though Samsung has announced that it is taking pre-orders, it has not revealed when it will start shipping. It is priced around $700 (prices change with colour variants).

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