Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite leak suggests a cheaper foldable phone is coming

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (Image credit: Future)

If you think foldable phones are all expensive, you're definitely not wrong. But there may be some good news as an affordable version of the Galaxy Z Flip could be on the way.

This rumor comes from Ross Young, a display analyst and leaker, who tweeted to say they were hearing rumors of a 'Z Flip Lite with UTG'. Young was one of several leakers who earlier brought up the idea of a Galaxy Fold Lite, but apparently that's out the window now.

UTG refers to ultra-thin-glass, the display material that feels like glass to touch but can bend easily, though the jury's out on if it's actually glass or just has small particles of glass mixed into a plastic polymer.

Young seems to have a fairly solid track record with display leaks, particularly in the foldable category, and a Z Flip Lite would solve one of the biggest foldable issues regarding the price of the handsets.

That means it seems very plausible Samsung actually is working on such an affordable phone. However, you might not want to get too excited on seeing it anytime soon.

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If, as Young says, Samsung cancelled their Galaxy Z Fold Lite project, it shows the company is willing to cancel ideas if it can't get them to work. There's no word on why this project fell apart, but it's very possible the same issue could plague the Z Flip Lite, or Samsung could cancel the project for other reasons.

Plus, this is only one rumor at the moment, so we'll have to wait and see if other notable leakers weigh in before we can be anymore confident of how accurate this leak is.

Foldable phones would be much more popular if most people could actually afford them, but we're not holding our breath for a cheaper bendable device anytime soon.

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