Where to pre-order Samsung Galaxy S22 deals with free Buds Pro and Disney+

Samsung S22 handsets in varying colors
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The waiting's over. The Samsung Galaxy S22 has been announced and, although you most UK online retailers aren't expecting to deliver until March 11, you can at least pre-order one.

And the good news is that this week's Samsung Galaxy S22 deals have a couple of sweeteners to really make it worthwhile to stake your claim ahead of time.

Firstly, there's a pair of Samsung Buds Pro worth in excess of £200. It's not unusual to see free headphones thrown in during the pre-order phase of a new Samsung flagship - indeed, we predicted it earlier in the week - and getting free wireless headphones that our review says "sound good, fit well and are going to work well with your Samsung smartphone", is a real perk.

But less predictably, you'll also get a free year of Disney Plus when you sign up. So that's a freebie worth £80 that gets you 12 months of glorious Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and Simpsons streaming (plus many, many more).

You can see the stores that are carrying Samsung S22 pre-order deals below - all you have to do is pre-order your new phone by February 22. And to find out more about each handset, you can also check out our early hands-on S22 review, S22 Plus review and S22 Ultra review.

Where to pre-order Samsung Galaxy S22 deals:

Below are a list of UK retailers that are already getting in the act and have pre-order deals available on the S22 range. Crucially, they all include the freebies described above, too.

Samsung S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra deals on contract:

- Carphone Warehouse
Sky Mobile
Mobile Phones Direct
- Mobiles.co.uk
Virgin Mobile

Samsung S22, S22 Plus and S22 Ultra deals SIM-free:

- Samsung
Amazon UK
John Lewis

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