Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra leak promises a hefty battery capacity

Samsung Galaxy S20
The Samsung Galaxy S20. (Image credit: Future)

Samsung is just about done when it comes to flagship phones in 2020 – we think – so it's time to turn our attention to what it has in store for 2021. The next top-tier Samsung phone could be called the Galaxy S30 or the Galaxy S21, depending on who you believe.

Whatever the name of the handset, it looks as though the high-end Ultra version of the phone is going to come packing a battery with a rated capacity of 4,855mAh, as per some document digging and model number matching done over at MyFixGuide.

That equates to a typical capacity of around 5,000mAh, which is the figure that manufacturers usually use for their marketing and specs lists: that would put the Galaxy S21 Ultra battery exactly on a par with the one in the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

That doesn't mean actual battery life would be the same though – screen size, power efficiency and various other factors all play a part. We're hoping Samsung would be able to make some internal tweaks to eke out more life from the same capacity.

Galaxy quest

If Samsung sticks to its traditional annual schedule, then the Galaxy S21 phones should be making an official appearance around February time – though like everything else at the moment, the tech calendar is in a state of flux.

That's still a few months off, but we've already come across plenty of rumors, leaks and speculation about what's in store for Samsung's next flagship phones. Will these handsets come with super-fast 65W charging? Could they feature in-screen cameras? Time will tell.

What we can say with a certain degree of confidence is that the new phones will get a bump in terms of their performance and the quality of the camera array, and we would expect multiple models to appear, as with the Galaxy S20 line from this year.

Samsung will know it can't afford to stand still with its flagship phone series: the Pixel 5, the iPhone 12 and the OnePlus 8T are all launching in the next couple of weeks, which means Samsung will have plenty of high-end competition by February.

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