Samsung Galaxy S20 range may not hit stores until over a month after launch

The Samsung Galaxy S10, above, hit stores a lot faster after launch (Image credit: Future)

The Samsung Galaxy S20 range is set to be announced on February 11, but if you were hoping to be able to get your hands on one of the phones on that day – or even close to that day – you might be out of luck, as the latest leak suggests the range won’t hit stores until March 13.

That’s according to several sources speaking to Frandroid, who add that you’ll be able to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S20 and its siblings from February 11, they just won’t be delivered until March 13.

This isn’t the first time this date has been put forward either, with Ishan Agarwal (a reliable leaker) tweeting a few days earlier that delivery/sales of all Galaxy S20 series models will probably start on or around March 13.

So with two separate sources putting this date forward and with no alternate information, there’s a good chance it’s true, especially this close to the announcement of the range, as it’s likely that by now the date has been decided.

There's reason to doubt the date

Having said that, there are also some reasons to doubt this date. First off, Frandroid’s information only refers to the French release date, so it’s possible that other regions will get the Samsung Galaxy S20 range earlier. But the Samsung Galaxy S10 range hit all major markets on the same day, so it’s unlikely that the S20’s street date would be staggered.

A more significant reason to doubt the March 13 date is that there was only around a two and a half week wait between the Galaxy S10 being announced and it hitting stores, so this would be far longer.

We’re not sure why Samsung would opt to do that, but that’s the only real red flag, so if we had to guess right now we’d say March 13 is probably the date to put in your calendar – just maybe write it in pencil.

Still, if this date is right it gives you a bit longer to save, which you might need to, as these sources also reiterate a recent pricing rumor, agreeing that the Samsung Galaxy S20 will start at more than €900, the Galaxy S20 Plus will start at more than €1,000, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra will start at more than €1,300.

Those prices would likely see the phones cost even more than the Galaxy S10 range in the likes of the US and UK.

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