Samsung Galaxy S20 range leaked again, and the phones might be affordable after all

The Galaxy S20 is sure to cost more than the S10, above, but maybe not by too much (Image credit: Future)

There’s seemingly no end to the Samsung Galaxy S20 leaks, leaving us wondering whether there will be any surprises left when the range is announced on February 11. But one of the latest leaks is something cash-strapped Samsung fans should be happy to learn about.

According to Roland Quandt (a leaker with a great track record), in some regions the 4G models of the Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus will come in a version with 8GB of RAM.

Previously we’d heard that the S20 range would all come with at least 12GB of RAM, but by reducing the amount Samsung could also cut the cost – which, if rumored prices are to be believed, could come as a great relief.

It’s not clear which countries these versions would be sold in, so you might still be stuck with 12GB or more, but at least some buyers might be able to save some cash. Note that it’s unlikely this would apply to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, as reports suggest this will only come in a 5G version.

Quandt added that storage will start at 128GB in all variants, and in another tweet he shed some light on the charging capabilities of the phones.

Apparently the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus will ship with a 25W fast charger, whether you opt for the 4G or 5G versions, while the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G will come with a 45W one.

All models will also apparently come with AKG USB-C wired headphones in the box, so if you don’t want to go wireless you’ll have an alternative option.

Finally, an official marketing poster showing the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has leaked and been shared by Ishan Agarwal (another reputable leaker), alongside one showing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

The images don’t really show anything we haven’t seen before, especially given that actual photos of the S20 Ultra have now leaked, but they give us another close view of that phone's massive camera array, supposedly led by a 108MP sensor, and of the Z Flip's foldable screen.

We expect there will be ever more leaks before the phones launch, so keep checking TechRadar for all the news, and make sure to head back here on February 11, as we’ll bring you all the official details on the Samsung Galaxy S20 range as soon as it’s announced.

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