Samsung Galaxy Note 8 confirmed for launch next month

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be announced at the end of August, as the head of Samsung’s mobile division, Dongjin Koh, has reportedly said as much.

The comments were made to ePrice, and although no exact announcement date was given we had previously heard rumors that the Note 8 would land on August 23 – a date which lines up with this news.

That’s not when you’ll actually be able to buy the phone though, as Koh added that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would go on sale in the first wave of countries in early September, while the rest of the world would get it in October.

Part of the wave

He didn’t say which countries would be part of the first wave, but along with Samsung’s home market of South Korea we wouldn’t be surprised if the US and UK were included, as they’re likely to be major markets for the phone.

So you might be able to have a Note 8 in your hands in less than two months, and it should be worth the wait, with rumors pointing to a massive 6.4-inch screen, a dual-lens camera and lots of power.

We’ve also recently had our best look yet at the almost bezel-free phone and in the coming weeks we’re sure to see and hear a lot more, so keep your eyes on TechRadar for updates.

  • The iPhone 8 will be its main phablet foe.

Via SamMobile

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