Samsung Galaxy Note 20 release date leak makes August 21 look more certain than ever

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite (Image credit: Future | Amit Mishra for TechRadar India)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is set to be landing soon. While Samsung hasn't provided us any official information on when we'll see the phone (and any siblings in its line) enough leaks are pointing to the same dates that we've got a good idea.

We've heard the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 launch event will take place on August 5, with the phone release date set for August 21, and a new report has lent credence to both dates.

That's according to Korean news site ETNews, in a report on 5G phones in Korea, which names August 5 and August 21 as the launch and release date specifically. That's just the dates for South Korea, but we wouldn't expect it to be different globally, as Samsung tends to use the same dates around the world for its products.

Since we've heard both dates before, it's seeming likely those are the dates Samsung is planning for its Galaxy Note 20 launch plan. 

Of course it's not confirmed those dates are correct, as all the rumors might be wrong or the company could internally choose to alter them at the last moment, but they're a good bet for now.

More 5G phones

The ETNews report also mentioned a few more 5G phones we can expect to see soon.

We've been hearing the four iPhone 12 handsets will be 5G-connected, and ETNews backs that up, making it seem even more likely. It also seems to concur there will be four phones, consisting of two standard and two 'Pro' phones in two different sizes each.

We've heard for a while LG is working on a 'Wing' phone, as people are calling it, which has a bizarre twisting mechanism to unfurl into a T-shaped device. Apparently this will be a 5G phone that lands in October, though this could be Korea-exclusive.

Finally, we heard about two Samsung foldable phones, the Galaxy Fold 2, which we're expecting to be released after the Galaxy Note 20, and a 5G-compatible version of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Leaks have suggested both these devices may also be launched at the Galaxy Note 20 unveiling event.

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