Samsung Galaxy Note 10 looks set to offer 5G

Image Credit: TechRadar

Given that there’s a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G it seems like a safe bet that there would be a 5G version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 too, but now that has been all but confirmed by Verizon.

During the company’s Q1 2019 quarterly earnings call the company’s CEO Hans Vestberg said "the Note and the Galaxy coming this year will both have 5G", according to The Verge.

While we wouldn’t quite take that as 100% confirmation of a 5G Galaxy Note until we’ve heard as much from Samsung itself, it’s pretty close to being official, especially as we've previously seen other evidence of a 5G model too.

Of course, what Vestberg didn’t say is exactly what Note model will have 5G. With the Samsung Galaxy S10 the 5G model is separate to the rest of the range as it has different specs. Whether that will be the case with the Galaxy Note 10 range or whether 5G will be offered on the standard models is unknown.

Keeping it 4G

We’re fairly sure there will be models that are just 4G though, whether or not they differ in other ways, as 5G still probably won’t be widely available by late 2019 when the Note 10 range is likely to land.

We haven’t heard much else about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 yet, but early rumors suggest it might have a 6.66-inch or 6.75-inch screen and a quad-lens camera.

There might also be a Note 10 Pro alongside the standard model. Don’t expect any concrete details for a while yet though, as the Galaxy Note 10 isn’t likely to land until August.

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