Samsung announces brand new Q8 Curved and Q9 flat TVs

Samsung has revealed two new TV models at CES 2017 - the Q8 Curved and the Q9 Flat QLED TV.

Both TV models feature Samsung's Quantum Dot technology and feature 100% color volume for the first time on a Samsung TV.

Contrast is also improved with each TV capable of 1,500 to 2,000 nits of HDR peak brightness. For darker scenes, the Q8 and Q9 have new and improved pixel structure with low reflective panel technology to create darker and more believable black levels.

Beyond better black levels the Quantum Dot structure improves light efficiency, which Samsung claims will improve viewing angles.

Time to upgrade your living room

Another radical departure from last year's line of SUHD screens with Quantum Dots is the ultra-slim bezel that features a full-metal finish.

Each TV only features a 5 meter optical cable from the back of the device to get rid of cluttering cables from the back of your TV.

It's also easier than ever to wall-mount your TV with a new solution called No Gap Wall Mount. It sits the TV flush against the wall and means one person can hang the TV as well. 

Should you decide that wall-mounting isn't in the cards, Samsung also unveiled two new TV stands. One is called Gravity Stand, which will allow you to swivel the TV with ease. The other is the Studio Stand that resembles an easel painting. 

You can also control your TV from your iOS or Android phone with Samsung's new app so when you lose the remote down the side of the sofa you won't have to keep getting up. Called Smart View, Samsung says you'll be able to use the app to access your favorite apps on the TV from your mobile device without interrupting what's going on with the TV. 

We're live at CES 2017 and will be sure to bring you the first look at the Q8 Curved and Q9 Flat range as soon as possible. 

James Peckham

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