Samsung all set to pop-up with a unique selfie camera in a new device

samsung galaxy a 80
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung has off late been extremely aggressive when it comes to introducing new smartphones in different price segments or with innovative form factors. Once considered slow in comparison to its Chinese counterparts, the South Korean tech giant has stamped its authority in the market yet again.

Though Samsung has introduced different display designs – including the infinity V, infinity O and infinity U, it also came up with the Galaxy A80 that didn’t actually have a dedicated selfie camera. Instead, the rear panel of the phone would slide up and the rear pill-shaped camera module could swivel to become a selfie camera on demand.

That said, the fact that Samsung never introduced a phone with a pop-up selfie camera may change soon. According to the patents filed by the South Korean company in mid-2020, it is working on a unique selfie camera system that rather than just popping up will actually swivel and then rise to let users shoot a selfie.

Samsung rotating pop-up selfie camera

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital)

Spotted by LetsGoDigital, this patent was awarded to Samsung in January this year and it shows that the company wants to design a phone with triple rear camera setup but without a dedicated selfie camera. Though the rear camera module will rotate 180-degrees to face the user offering the top-most camera as a selfie shooter, whenever required.

This complex design will allow Samsung to put a high-resolution sensor at the top of the vertical camera array and use it for shooting selfie videos and images thus resulting in better self-portraits and videos. Samsung may enhance the selfie experience by putting in an ultra-wide-angle lens to capture more details in the image thus offering a much better selfie experience.

That said, this is not the first phone to house a pop-up selfie camera but could easily be the most complicated setup. And while it may sound extremely geeky, such modules are extremely delicate and require proper care. Another major drawback of moving parts, especially the ones with a pop-up module, means that the phone stands to lose out on water and dust resistance.

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