Resident Evil Village: Where to find all Goats of Warding

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Every Resident Evil game in recent years has had collectibles that players need to destroy in order to check off their list and Resident Evil Village is no different. In this latest installment of the long-running franchise, players will want to smash or shoot the various Goats of Warding found clacking away across the sprawling map.

Here's every one of the Goats of Warding in Resident Evil Village that we've found so far. We'll continue to update it as we find more. 

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Resident Evil Village: All Goats of Warding

Goats of Warding are made of wood, so they can be identified by the clacking sounds they make when one is nearby. Stop and listen for consistent clacking. Due to the dark visual tone of the game, spotting them can be difficult, so using the audio cues is key. 

To save ammunition, it's recommended you use the knife to slash the Goats whenever you find them. With that in mind, there are a few Goats that are out of reach, so you'll need to shoot them. Once you've smashed or shot a Goat, it's taken care of forever on that profile, you won't need to get it again on a new playthrough.

Goat #1 - Maiden of War/Village Center 

The easiest of the Goats to find, this one is highlighted in a small shrine at the center of the village, near the Maiden of War statue. 

Goat #2 - Fallow Plot

In the Fallow Plot leading up to Louiza's house, look in the top corner along the rooftops to spot this goat. 

Goat #3 - Church Rooftop

Go right outside of the Church and look up on the roof to spot this Goat.

Goat #4 - Castle Vineyard

The fourth Goat is located in the back of the twisted 'vineyard' outside of Castle Dimitrescu.

Goat #5 - Castle Distillery

When you solve the puzzle in the Hall of Ablution and head down the stairs, look to the left to find this Goat.

Goat #6 - Castle Attic

After solving the puzzle with five bells and heading into the attic of Castle Dimitrescu, turn around to see this smug Goat.

Goat #7 - Lone Road

While crossing the bridge of the Lone Road, take a small flight of stairs down and check underneath to find this Goat hidden in the dark.

Goat #8 - Suspension Bridge

When crossing the Suspension Bridge that leads to House Beneviento, peer through the mists to another bridge and you'll see another Goat.

Goat #9 - House Beneviento 

Before heading inside House Beneviento, go to the left and check outside the fence to spot this Goat on the side of the cliff. 

Goat #10 - North of Church

Once you have the Iron Insignia Key, you can open the gate north of the Church. Check behind the tombs, there's a Goat lying in a snowbank.

Goat #11 - West Old Town

In the south of the village, you'll find yourself in West Old Town. There's a Goat resting at roughly eye level on a rickety shack. 

Goat #12 - Waterfront Mill

In Moreau's Reservoir, you'll find yourself on top of a mill. Check near the end of the path pictured amidst some junk to find this Goat.

Goat #13 - Otto's Mill

On the way to the Lycan stronghold, take a left to find Otto's Mill. Instead of going inside, follow the stream under the building to find another shrine with another Goat.

Goat #14 - Grinder Shaft

In Heisenberg's factory, when you shoot the giant fan and fall down, walk to the edge of the ramp and you'll see a Goat lodged on the end of the bent metal plate.

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