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Resident Evil Village labyrinth puzzles: how to find all the labyrinth balls

How to solve every Resident Evil Village labyrinth puzzle

Resident Evil Village labyrinth
(Image: © Capcom)
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Trying to solve all the Resident Evil Village labyrinth puzzles? Then look no further. Village has optional puzzles that see you finding four different labyrinth balls that the player can slot into machines hidden around the world to play a sinister version of Super Monkey Ball. 

They’re tricky to find but reward the player with special treasures that they can trade in for Lei, so it’s worth seeking them out so you can upgrade your guns and purchase better gear. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to find every Resident Evil Village labyrinth ball, and detail what you unlock for completing them.

Resident Evil Village Flower Swords Ball location

Resident Evil Village labyrinth

(Image credit: Capcom)

The first labyrinth ball in the game is the Flower Swords Ball, found in Castle Dimitrescu. You can find it by heading to the Opera Hall. It’s on the top level, in the northwest corner room. In here you’ll find it in a box next to a broken labyrinth machine. Take it back to The Duke’s shop on the lower levels to play the machine right next to him. You’ll get a Crimson Skull which you can sell for Lei. 

Resident Evil Village Sun and Moon Ball location

Resident Evil Village labyrinth

(Image credit: Capcom)

Once you’ve completed Lady Beneviento’s mansion, you can find the Sun and Moon Ball on the way back, in the new Garden side area on the right. It’s sat on a little grave, in a box. The accompanying machine is in a little house that you will have encountered on the way to the Lady’s mansion, right next to a typewriter save point. It’s on the other side of the main road from the garden, further up the path. Slot it in to unlock another skull to sell.

Resident Evil Village Mermaid Ball location 

Resident Evil Village labyrinth

(Image credit: Capcom)

The Mermaid Ball is available just after the Moreau section of the game. You have to use a crank to unlock a gate at the first windmill area and then go through the gate up to a little altar, typically used for the Goats of Warding. Grab the Mermaid ball from the altar and then take it back to the machine, which is in a grubby room next to the windmill. Crack the puzzle to get a Chartreuse Skull to sell.

Resident Evil Village Iron Horse Ball location

Resident Evil Village labyrinth

(Image credit: Capcom)

You’ll find the trickiest ball in Heisenberg’s Factory, near the end of the game. To unlock it you first need to find the Ball Mold, which is found late into the level during your escape. It’s in the room after the Grinder Shaft, where you have to push a little trolley out of the way to enter a crawlspace. The mold is in a box in the adjoined room. Once you’ve got it, you need to head all the way back to the start of the level, specifically the Forge where you previously used molds to make key puzzle items. Slot the Ball Mold into the machine to make the Iron Horse Ball. 

Then you need to backtrack to The Duke’s shop on the lowest level of the factory. The labyrinth machine is close by, in an adjoining room on the same platform. This puzzle in particular is very tough and takes a lot of patience, and there are no real tricks to completing it. You’ll get the Biskar Skull if you beat it, which you can sell for Lei.

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