Resident Evil Village treasure map: Castle Dimitrescu treasure puzzle solution

Resident Evil Village treasure map, with dungeon and treasure marked
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Struggling to locate and solve the Resident Evil Village treasure map in Castle Dimitrescu? You're certainly not alone. Being chased through the labyrinthine passageways by Lady Alcina and her three bloodthirsty daughters can be stressful at the best of times, even if you’re not in search of sparkly treasure.

Back-tracking and completing puzzles are core components of all the best Resident Evil games, and Resident Evil Village is no exception to the rule. One of the first optional secrets you come across in this early stage of the game is the treasure map, an item easily missed if you’re too busy trying to escape the sprawling (yet stunning) Castle grounds. You’ll definitely want to track it down though, as you’ll unlock an item that can really bump up those coffers, especially if this is your first playthrough and you have yet to unlock infinite ammo weapons.

Fortunately, we’re going to show you exactly how you can go about solving the Resident Evil Village treasure map so you can find and craft the key components of the Azure Eye ring before selling it off for a handsome profit.

How to find and use the Resident Evil Village treasure map

Resident Evil Village treasure map: how to locate it

Lady Dimitrescu stands tall and faces the camera

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You’ll have to make it most of the way through Castle Dimitrescu before you can find the Resident Evil Village Treasure Map - all the way to the attic. The attic is accessible through a room containing a giant portrait of Lady Dimitrescu, which unlocks after you fight one of the lady’s daughters in the Library. Getting to the attic requires solving an unavoidable puzzle where you have to shoot five bells inside of the portrait room.

Shoot the bells to unlock the door behind the portrait and you’ll find a secret passage that takes you into the attic. Up there is where you’ll find the Resident Evil Village Treasure Map, on a table in the middle of the room. 

The map will point you towards a treasure in the castle kitchen. It will be marked on your map, but an easy way to find it is to backtrack to the main hall and head north, then bear left to enter the kitchen area. Progress through this area and you’ll end up in another dungeon full of zombies. In the northeast corner of the room is a door that you need the Iron Insignia Key to unlock, which you will already have in your inventory. 

Head in there to start the puzzle.

Resident Evil Village treasure map: how to solve it

The map of Castle Dimitrescu map, marking the Treasure Map puzzle

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Once inside the room previously locked behind the Iron Insignia gate, pick up a Pipe Bomb from the little hole on the right wall and throw it at the cracked wall that hides a fire source. 

Once that’s done, you can either knife or shoot the lanterns in the room to make them swing towards the fire. If you’ve lit one lantern you can then use it to light the second lantern that’s further from the source, and so on.

A player interacts with a pile of skulls

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It’s a bit finicky but once you’ve done it, it will lower the gate and you can crack the coffin. Open it to find the Azure Eyeball.

 This is just one part of the puzzle, so don’t sell it just yet. 

Now you need to progress through the level until you find the Mask of Pleasure, which is in the upper levels of the castle and unmissable. The room you’re looking for contains a marble statue, where the person wearing the mask is being stabbed to death.

Combining the Azure eye and the Silver Ring

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In the same room is a little cabinet with a draw you can open. 

Inside the draw is a Silver Ring. Pick it up and open your Treasures menu. From here you can select the two pieces and click ‘Combine’ to bring them together into one very valuable treasure. 

The Azure Ring is your reward for completing the Castle Dimitrescu Treasure Map, which you’ll now be able to sell to The Duke for lots of Lei. 

And there you have it - you've solved the Resident Evil Village Treasure Map - congratulations!

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