Realme's iPhone 12 rival is set to launch very, very soon

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Recently, we heard about the Realme Flash, an upcoming Android phone with a magnetic clip-on charger similar to the iPhone 12's MagSafe attachment. What we didn't know when the device was first teased and leaked, is that its launch date is just around the corner.

Realme has confirmed that it will "introduce Android's first magnetic wireless charging MagDart on realme Magnetic Innovation Event on Tuesday, Aug 3 at 1:00PM, BST [sic]." That's pretty soon.

MagDart seems to be Realme's answer to MagSafe, a magnetic clip-on charger that uses Qi wireless powering to charge up the phone. If MagDart is similar to MagSafe, the actual magnetic charger will have a wire connecting it to a power source, so 'wireless' is a bit of a stretch beyond using the same tech as actual wireless charging.

Though the Realme Flash name isn't mentioned in the above quote, it is used in the invite, and Realme already confirmed it, so we know that's what the phone will be called. Also according to the invite, a series of MagDart accessories will be unveiled during the live-streamed event.

In the leak, we heard that the Realme Flash will have a Snapdragon 888 chipset, 12GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and a curved-edge screen.

Analysis: a welcome return of the gimmick-phone

Over the course of several years, Android phones have become more and more similar, and we've seen fewer and fewer 'gimmick phones' - devices that do something unique or novel.

Nowadays, devices like the dual-screen Nubia Z20 or rotating LG Wing are few and far between, giving people who want something different, very few options.

Sure, the Realme Flash doesn't sound like it will reinvent the wheel, but it's bringing an interesting new feature to Android phones, which is about as much as you can ask for in a competitive industry (well, at least in the mid-range market, which Realme primarily operates in).

So perhaps, the magnetic charging will give prospective buyers a little push towards the Realme Flash over a similar-spec competitor. And maybe, if it takes off, it'll give Realme the reins to be even more creative in the future.

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