PS5 Black Edition fan concept video shows off a classic PlayStation look

(Image credit: Giuseppe Spinelli/ LetsGoDigital)

A new fan-made PS5 concept video by Italian artist Giuseppe Spinelli is making the rounds, and it offers a glimpse of what the console could look like in black. The video is mocked up to resemble Sony's own console reveal trailer from June 2020, and the work done on the PS5 render is pretty convincing. 

The specific combination of the black color with the blue light might remind you of the PS2. The current two-tone PS5 is primarily white, though as with the PS4 and previous PlayStation consoles, we expect to see different editions released further down the line.

Here's the video, which very optimistically features the appearance of a made-up PS5 entry in the Max Payne series at the end. Once again, we stress this is just a fan video, based on the predicted dimensions of the PS5:

No release date has been set for the PS5 yet, beyond 'holiday 2020'. We're expecting the console in its white edition to launch in November.

What might PS5 limited editions look like?

Sony released many game-specific designs of the PS4 over the course of the console's lifespan, including editions based on Kingdom Hearts, Spider-Man, Monster Hunter: World and God of War. After launching in black, a Glacier White version was also made widely available.

Expect a similar pattern of alternative options on PS5, particularly deeper into the console's life cycle when Sony explores newer editions of the console in the vein of the PS4 slim or PS4 Pro. 

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