Prime Day iPad Pro Deals: how to save $50 on Apple’s best iPad

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Believe it or not, you can even save on Apple products for Amazon Prime Day. This year, you can get $50 off a 12.9-inch iPad Pro, bringing the price down to $949. Or, you can opt for a refurbished model of the 4th-generation 11-inch iPad Pro for $40 off, letting you land the tablet for under $600.

Apple's products have a reputation for being on the expensive side of the spectrum, and Apple's pro products like the iPad Pro take that up to even higher levels. So, that just makes it that much more appealing when deals like these come along to cut the price down and make these products a bit easier on the wallet.

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Apple iPad Pro (4th Generation) | 12.9-inch | Wi-Fi |128GB | Silver | $999 $949 at Amazon

Apple iPad Pro (4th Generation) | 12.9-inch | Wi-Fi |128GB | Silver | $999 $949 at Amazon
Amazon has knocked $50 off this 12.9 inch iPad Pro. It may not bring the overall price down by much, but it's a pretty good discount if you've been waiting to pick up the latest iPad.

Apple iPad Pro (4th Generation/Renewed) |11-inch | Wi-Fi | 64GB | Space Gray | $639 $599 at Amazon

Apple iPad Pro (4th Generation/Renewed) |11-inch | Wi-Fi | 64GB | Space Gray | $639 $599 at Amazon
There's $40 off this second-hand Apple iPad Pro, making it under $600. If you don't mind a product that's not brand new then this is a fantastic price for the latest model.

These deals give you a lot of flexibility for how you choose an iPad Pro. The discount on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro will let you save on the very latest model, which offers an incredible amount of power. It not only features more storage and a big screen, but it also boasts extra-capable cameras.

Alternatively, the 11-inch iPad Pro discount effectively gives you two ways to save. You're already getting a discount by going with a renewed model, and then Amazon cuts a healthy chunk off that already discounted price. 

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