Miniature 3M projector will be big news

3M MM200 projector
Expect micro projectors like 3M's MM200 to find their way into handheld devices

Regardless of whether we want (or need) a projector in a mobile phone, 3M is the latest company to show off a tiny projection engine at CES.

3M says it has developed "a breakthrough mobile projection engine designed for integration into virtually any personal mobile device or mini projector."

This second generation technology follows on from 3M's MPro 110, which we covered back in September.

The MM200 is about the size of a wireless earpiece – half an inch thick and weighing only 21g. Featuring an LCoS imager, the 3M Projection Engine is capable of displaying a VGA resolution at a maximum size of 50 inches.

Micro projectors everywhere

What is it good for? 3M suggests that "the possibilities for this breakthrough technology are endless. Share funny video clips with a group of friends. Show a business presentation in a last-minute meeting. Connect with anyone, anywhere."

3M's technology has the potential to be a breakthrough product in 2009. RXS announced its Pico Media Projector last year, while Aiptek and Acer have similar products.

Micro projection technology has already been shoehorned into a mobile phone called the Logic Bolt, which is also on show at this year's CES.