Yet another tiny projector breaks cover

Yet another tiny projector breaks cover, but are these devices really going to be picked up by consumers? Or are they 'strictly business'?

Pocket-sized projectors are the new black. Or, at least, it seems that way, with yet another new gadget brand launching with one of these devices.

The strangely named RXS: Redshift brand is launching in the UK with this Pico Media Projector, a pocket-sized projector which can shoot movies from your mobile, laptop or iPod. It produces a display 50 inches in size on a nearby wall or screen.

Or indeed, on a nearby person or building, if you were feeling a bit naughty or just plain bored.

Larger gentleman's pockets

It will fit in most larger gentleman's pockets, measuring only 11.5cmx5cmx2.2 cm and weighing just 160g making it highly portable. However, as the rechargeable lithium ion battery only allows over an hour of playback time, you wont actually be able to view full lengthy movies away from a power point. A minor gripe, but still…

Handily, for Apple fans, the Pico Media Projector comes complete with an extra iPod video cable.

In reality, these are useful tools to have if you are a businessman on the move that wants to show your latest PowerPoint magnum opus off to as many as your colleagues and clients as possible, because while £299.99 seems reasonable enough, it is still a little too much to shell out purely to be able to show off your holiday snaps on the move.

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