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Is this our first look at HTC's Android Wear-based smartwatch?


Some rumour-churners have already said HTC's 'One Wear' watch will be rounded like the Moto 360, but that might no longer be the case.

@evleaks has been up to his usual tricks, but the latest leak isn't an actual photo but an artist reproduction of HTC's alleged smartwatch.

"Hardware is 100% faithful reproduction," says the tipster. But it's the stuff happening on screen that's stolen our attention.

That looks very much like Android Wear has been given a lick of HTC Sense, making for a slightly different UI to the one we've seen on the LG G Watch and Moto 360.

Wear it on your sleeve

Google has just confirmed that Android Wear will support custom watch faces, so that might be what we're looking at here. But it's not clear whether this part has been added just for fun.

Either way, it looks even more likely that that HTC's smartwatch is on its way, and if it can be the HTC One of the wearable world then we're fully on board. Round face or no round face.