Pixel Watch could cost less than an Apple Watch but more than a Galaxy Watch 5

Google Pixel Watch
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It's looking more and more likely that the Google Pixel Watch may fall short of its premium-pricing expectations.

We were shown the Google Pixel Watch at Google I/O earlier this year, but the event left us surprisingly light on details. Rumors consistently hinted that this would be a premium device, and now a pricing leak confirms that Google’s new watch won't be cheap, but it won't be the most expensive wearable, either. Our friends at 9to5Google say that a source gives the watch a $399 price tag when you add a cellular connection. From there, we can extrapolate further pricing and details. 

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is also available with LTE networking, and that watch costs $329 / £319 / AU$599  for the smaller version or $359 / £339 / AU$649 for a larger model with a larger screen and battery. If Google is launching one size, it is probably comparable to the larger Galaxy Watch 5 or the Watch 5 Pro, so we can assume Google’s Pixel Watch will cost $40 more. 

We’d guess a likely starting price for Google’s Pixel Watch would be  $349. Samsung’s watch starts at $309 / £289 / AU$549 for the larger size. This would put Google squarely between Samsung and Apple.

Analysis: How will it be so pricey?

The Apple Watch has always sold at a premium, and the current Apple Watch 7 starts at $399 / £369 / AU$599, with options for premium materials and watch bands shooting that price into the stratosphere. It is interesting that the Pixel Watch, which Google has already shown in photos, also shares the crown dial feature of the Apple Watch. Google seems to be using design as a hook into the premium segment of the market. 

We know that the new Google watch will use Fitbit features, which makes sense since Google acquired the company early last year. The Google Pixel Watch will only work with Android, though, of course, not only with Pixel phones. 

We still don’t know if the watch will include new skin thermometer sensing, as featured in the upcoming Fitbit Sense 2 and possibly the next Apple Watch 8. Samsung has a sensor for the feature in the Galaxy Watch 5 but it is inexplicably not yet active.  

We’re expecting the Google Pixel Watch to finally make its debut this fall alongside the new Pixel 7, which was also announced at Google I/O. We don’t have specific timing yet, but rumors point to an event in late September or October. You can read everything we know about the Google Pixel 7 on our hub page. 

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