Nikon V1 vs Nikon J1

Nikon V1
Nikon V1 vs J1 - which one gets your vote?

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Nikon 1 review

Nikon has launched two brand new cameras under the Nikon 1 banner. The cameras, which sit in a category that Nikon describes as "Advanced Camera, Interchangeable Lens" are the first mirrorless models from Nikon.

The Nikon V1 is the more advanced camera out of the two, while its little brother, the Nikon J1, is aimed at beginners looking for a step-up in image quality. Both cameras have similar specifications, so we've taken a look at the differences between the two.

Nikon V1 vs Nikon J1: size

Nikon j1

One of the key differences between the two cameras is the size. The Nikon J1 is a smaller offering, doing away with the electronic viewfinder which adds extra bulk to the J1.

It does however feature an inbuilt flash, something which you will need to purchase as an extra if you go for the V1.

The J1 also uses a smaller battery than the V1 to reduce the size even further.

Nikon V1 vs Nikon J1: specifications

The internal specifications of the V1 and J1 specifications are very similar, but you do get a little more bang for your buck with the J1. Not only will you get the electronic viewfinder, but you'll also find a higher resolution LCD screen (460k dot screen vs 921k dot).

Both cameras use the new 10-megapixel CX format CMOS sensor, the Nikon 1 mount and are compatible with SD, SDHC and SDXC memory card formats.

Thanks to its smaller size, the Nikon J1 battery life is approximately 230 pictures for still images, compared to the V1's 400.

The V1 also incorporates both a mechanical shutter and an electronic shutter, which means it should provide more accurate exposures.

Nikon V1 vs Nikon J1: price

Nikon v1

Of course one of the most important considerations is price.

The V1 should retail at around £829 with the 10-30mm kit lens, or £879 with the 10mm pancake lens.

On the other hand, the J1 is set to retail at £549 with the 10-30mm kit lens, or £599 with the 10mm pancake lens.

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