Latest Olympus PEN trio unveiled

PEN p3

Sharing technology with Panasonic, all 3 new cameras claim to have the world's fastest autofocus among all interchangeable lens cameras, with a new LiveMOS sensor, driven with double the speed (120fps) of previous models.

The cameras also boast 35 autofocus points, up from 11 in previous models and an increased coverage from 33% to 59%. Additionally, a newly developed group AF selection feature is designed for shooting moving subjects. Improved tracking AF performance allows for face recognition, as well as skin tone recognition for locking onto moving faces while shooting. Eye-detection can also now be given left or right eye priority. For help when shooting in low-light, an AF Illuminator has been added, and can also be found across the entire range.

The new Image VI image engine promises to deliver improvements in colour reproduction and gradation along with tone control under backlit conditions.

Capable of shooting in both Motion JPEG and AVCHD, the latter being better for playing back files on TV and keeping file sizes small. The camera also has a new movie blur correction, for shooting videos while moving or walking around. Shutter speed priority has also been introduced for movie, allowing individual frames to be shot at quicker than 1/30th of a second when required.

A 3-inch OLED touchscreen can be found on the EP3 only, which has been designed to display photos brightly no matter what the lighting conditions. Users can also scroll through pictures, enlarge images on screen and control the focus and shutter release.

PEN p3 rear

Two dials on the P3 back allow for adjustments to be made for aperture and exposure, along with 3 programmable buttons for frequently used functions. The E-P3 is also equipped with a built-in flash.
All models in the PEN range boast a set of creative filters, with the E-P3 featuring the most with 10, which can be applied to both still and moving images. Filters can also be combined with new additional effects, such as Starlight and White Edge settings. Pop Art, Soft Focus, Diorama and Grainy Film are among the other filters available. Art bracketing also allows for the same scene to be shot with several different art filters applied.

PEN p3 top

The all-metal E-P3 is available in silver, black or white, and comes with a detachable grip which can either be removed or swapped with an optional large grip, depending on preference.
The Olympus PEN E-P3 will be available from August at an RRP of £799 with kit lens. 

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