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Vodafone expands Roam Like Home beyond Red plans

Vodafone roaming
Roaming for all!
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Vodafone has announced that all post-paid customers will now be offered its Roam Like Home $5 capped roaming to 46 countries starting from March 23, no matter what tier of plan they choose.

The telco introduced it's Red plans with the Roam Like Home feature mid last year, and were priced at $65, $80 and $100.

The plans allowed customers to roam and use their phone up to their plan allowance for an extra $5 a day in the UK, most of Europe, NZ, US and six countries in Asia.

It will now be offered to all post-paid plan tiers, which start at $30, and though existing customers will be able to opt in from next week, the roaming feature will be automatically added for new customers starting from April 23.

Simple roaming

Vodafone is also simplifying it's roaming rates across 200 countries where Vodafone doesn't allow for Roam Like Home.

In these countries, which include Fiji, Vietnam, India and Canada, Vodafone will now charge $1 for a 1 minute call or 1MB of data.

Vodafone over the last few months has also extended $5 capped roaming to business customers and introduced 4G global roaming.