Vodafone Australia launches global 4G roaming

Vodafone made roaming cheaper, now it's making it faster.

International roaming is getting better for Aussies, with Vodafone today announcing that it will be switching on global 4G roaming mid 2014 for customers on its Roam Like Home Red plans.

The Vodafone Red plans were launched last year and allows customers to roam on 3G networks for just $5 extra a day in the UK, most of Europe, NZ, US and six countries in Asia.

The launch of 4G roaming, which will be available for Aussie customers travelling to NZ, the UK and Europe, follows Vodafone Australia's parent company, Vodafone Group, launching international 4G roaming late last year for UK customers.

A global network

Vodafone Group has been leveraging its international presence for cheaper roaming rates, and is now touting itself to have the largest 4G international roaming network.

The UK arm of Vodafone is already planning on extending it's 4G roaming reach to more countries by the end of 2014, and the Australian arm has said that it will be adding more countries later as well.

"Vodafone Australia is in an enviable position with the largest global network at its fingertips and therefore at the fingertips of its customers," said Benoit Hanssen, Chief Technology Officer at Vodafone Australia.

"To extend access so customers can continue to enjoy super-fast speeds internationally is a natural next step and the Red plans offer the best value in the industry for data allowances both here and overseas."

If you are lucky enough to be on a Red plan next time you're travelling, just make sure your handset is compatible with the band of 4G being used at your holiday destination.