Go web slinging with the Amaysim data plan

Amaysim 8GB plan

Lots of data, minimal expense, and no lock-in contract to pin you down sounds like the new Australian dream. Well, it probably is for some.

And anyone looking for data to burn and flexibility to, er, flex might be tempted by Amaysim's latest top tier plan, which features 8GB of data for $49.90.

It also comes with unlimited standard talk and text, as well as 300 minutes of international calls – for those yet to discover that you can communicate cheaply with people overseas via the likes of Skype.

For those who feel 8GB is just too much data (it really isn't), Amaysim has also trimmed $5 off the price of its 5GB plan, bringing it down to $39.90, although if you want those 300 minutes of international calls the price goes back up to $44.90.

Neither of those appeal? Amaysim has a range of plans, starting from $24.90 for anyone feeling light of wallet.