You no longer need Skype to Skype

Skype dude
Skype dude

Microsoft has just made Skype ubiquitous. The video chat application can now be used by anyone with internet access, even people who have never created a Skype account.

The new feature, which enables Skype users to create a unique URL and share it with anyone on the internet, allows guest users to join group calls. The links, which can be sent in a variety of ways, including email, Facebook, and Twitter, allow people to access the video conferencing tool via Skype for Web.

Additionally, the feature works for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows users. The only limitation, it seems, is that the feature is (as of today) available only for US and UK residents. However, Microsoft will make it available globally in the coming weeks, according to a company statement.

The irony

Now that everyone can use Skype, it's funny to think back to three weeks ago, when no one was able to access the service for several hours. Of course, Microsoft acknowledged and fixed the bug in short order.

Microsoft has worked diligently to build out Skype usage, including creating a universal app that provided a single user experience across all types of devices, enabling Skype to translate calls in real-time to six languages and giving access to business users on iOS devices.

It is estimated that more than 300 million people use Skype, making it the 8th largest social network in the world, according to research firm Statista.