Which is the best carrier in the US?


We're not going to pretend that there's a hard and fast rule about which carrier is best; in fact, this is the ultimate mileage-may-vary verdict.

As mentioned earlier, if you're a traveller, you pretty much wouldn't be caught dead with a CDMA phone. That leaves AT&T and T-Mobile - one has price on its side while the other has selection and coverage.

But AT&T has been notoriously slow on the uptake of new technologies - from tethering, to hot spots, to LTE, - and its deceptive use of "4G" is just plain frustrating.

Victorious Verizon

Verizon won't allow you to talk and surf at the same time, it's on the expensive end, and it doesn't do that well in foreign countries. But you'll get better LTE coverage, better LTE selection, and a carrier that's, historically, the quickest to adopt new technologies.

There's not a service that you won't make sacrifices for, but ultimately we recommend Verizon. It's consistent, with a huge number of exclusive LTE phones, and stateside call and data coverage that is unparalleled.

Do you agree? How has your service provider lived up to expectations?

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