We're not tribal about ecosystems, says Sony Ericsson

Onwards and upwards for Sony Ericsson; could this mean a Windows Phone handset?

Sony Ericsson has confirmed that it is still open to producing a Windows Phone handset.

When questioned about Sony Ericsson's seeming Android bias, particularly in its latest round of Xperia releases which all launched on Android 2.3, Nathan Vautier, Sony Ericsson UK MD, told us that the company is "not as tribal" about mobile phone OSes as some companies are.

Android tribe

"We believe that the Android environment is the best and most mature ecosystem for us at the moment; but we have an open OS strategy, which includes OSE, Symbian and Android, and a good working relationship with Microsoft," said Vautier in an interview with TechRadar.

Reading between the lines, we'd say that means a pretty obvious intent to pursue Windows Phone, and lends credence to the rumours circulating last month that there is already a Sony Ericsson Windows Phone in the pipeline.

Of course, you can't talk about Windows Phone without mentioning Nokia in light of last week's news, but Vautier seemed nonplussed by the new partnership and its unabashed opposition to Android.

"It's an exciting time for Nokia, but the partnership with Microsoft has no bearing on Sony Ericsson and our new products," he said.