HTC One Max lumbers onto Verizon, ready for lugging right now

HTC One Max
Silver Surfer called, he wants his space board back

Following the HTC One Max's move to Sprint just a few days ago, the oversized smartphone is now on its way to Verizon.

Starting today, customers can snap up HTC's phablet for $299.99. Of course the introductory price is reserved for those who sign up for a new two-year contract or as an upgrade through Verizon Edge.

The HTC One Max is a big honking handset that will stretch users' mitts with its 5.9-inch screen. Underneath the giant plate of glass there's a 1.7GHz quad-core processor with 2GB of memory. It also packs 32GB of storage that can be further expanded to 64GB with microSD.

The phone comes with the still-rare feature of a built-in fingerprint scanner, which unlike the iPhone 5S is positioned on the back. The HTC One Max runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean with some HTC Sense 5.5 visual flair.

Verizon subscribers that pick up this oversized smartphone can also take make use of it as a digital wallet as it comes Isis-ready.

In a big phone world

The HTC One Max is large, which may be great for some, but carrying the most beastly phablet on Verizon isn't for everyone.

Those who want something slightly (and we mean slightly) smaller should look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which has a 0.2-inch tinier screen.

On the still larger-screen scale, there's the LG G2 and Droid Maxx to consider.

Of course, you could always stick with a more reasonably sized phone like the Moto X, but if big is your gig, the above gadgets should fill out your paws nicely.

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