Top 10 GALAXY S4 travel apps for must-see world events

Top apps for your GALAXY S4 for those must-see world events
Top apps for your GALAXY S4 for those must-see world events

Do you have a bucket list? A breakdown of all the things you want to do before you die – or at least before you retire to a life of ease in the country?

If so, here's our handy guide to help you get through that list with your trusty Samsung GALAXY S4 tucked into the pocket of your rucksack. Just don't forget to zip it up!

The 'Running of the Bulls' in Pamplona

The Encierro (from the Spanish 'to fence in'), or 'Running of the Bulls', is a festival common to many towns across Spain and Portugal, in which bulls are let loose on the street and the brave and/or foolhardy prove their courage by outrunning them.

The most famous Encierro is that in the Northern Spanish town of Pamplona, as immortalised in Ernest Hemingway's classic 'The Sun Also Rises'.

Samsung GALAXY S4 apps travel

If you are daft enough to want to give this a go, just remember this important note: 15 people have died running in the Encierro since records began and injuries are, unsurprisingly, very common. It is not for the faint-hearted. And, it goes without saying, you really will need to be able to run like the wind!

By installing RunKeeper (free) on your GALAXY S4 now you can set yourself a rigorous training regime and might just be ready for the 2014 Pamplona Encierro. Maybe. Either way, RunKeeper's ability to set a training programme to match your goals and then to track your progress and give you feedback through exhaustive stats will at least help you get fitter than you are now.

La Tomatina, Buñol in Valencia

Aka 'The One With All The Tomatoes'. La Tomatina is essentially a huge food fight, with hundreds of locals and tourists lobbing squishy tomato missiles at each other and literally painting the town red.

It's all good fun and, unlike the other festival mentioned above, is unlikely to cause you any serious injuries (unless you get a particularly unripe tom somewhere tender).

No, with this festival your biggest worry is likely to be where to get your clothes dry cleaned afterwards, as well as the location of the nearest shower so you can wash off the sticky juices before local wasps take an interest.

Samsung GALAXY S4 apps travel

Wikitude (free) is the perfect app to stick on your GALAXY S4. This augmented reality app lets you use your S4 as a magic window on the world. The phone's camera will show you a view of the world in front of you and Wikitude then overlays icons and labels to show you where things are.

Search for hotels and it will pop up markers to guide you to the nearest one. Similarly, if you need somewhere to get your laundry done, Wikitude can show you the way. A quick word of warning here though: Wikitude can be quite addictive, particularly when you feel the need to find out more about an unknown city, so take care to use it sparingly when you are data-roaming abroad to avoid racking up excessive mobile bills.


Munich's annual Oktoberfest is the world's biggest booze-up – it's a 16-day festival of beer, sausages and song that draws huge crowds to its fairground setting.

Whether you opt for traditional lederhosen or dirndl costumes or just roll up in jeans and a t-shirt, be sure to find a pocket for your Samsung GALAXY S4, which can prevent you making a terrible mistake while sampling the local brew. We should also make it clear that the legal drinking age in Germany is 18 for hard alcohol and 16 for beer.

Samsung GALAXY S4 apps travel

Drunk Guard (free) is a simple app that performs one crucial function. It prevents drunk dialling.

Load the app up with the numbers of your spouse or partner, your ex, your boss and anyone else you would rather didn't hear you burbling away during the festivities, turn on its simple locking mechanism and the app will refuse to connect any calls to those people. The next morning, check the app for a full report of everyone you tried to ring and breathe a sigh of relief.