This is probably the clearest view of the iPhone 7 yet

iPhone 6S

The iPhone 7 is still a few months away, but a new leak has apparently given us a close-up look of the handset in the wild.

The new iPhone 7 photo, from Twitter leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer, shows the rear of a dummy unit which may be the phone we'll see launch in September this year.

If this is legitimate, the iPhone 7's design won't be a massive change from the iPhone 6 and 6S, but there are a few tweaks worth noting.

Two months to go

iphone 7

The first thing to note is the new position of the antenna bands.

There are two, one at the bottom and another along the top, and each is certainly more pronounced than on the iPhone 6S.

Note the camera as well – it seems the dual-lens shooter may not be happening, at least on one version of the phone.

The lens is also bigger than on the iPhone 6S, suggesting a wider aperture, and the camera bump will be sticking around as well.

Apart from those tweaks, the design changes are minimal. So far none of the leaked iPhone 7 images we've seen have shown the front of the phone, meaning there may be some major changes from Apple on the other side.

But at the moment it looks like the new phone won't introduce any big design changes, as had previously been suggested.

Hemmerstoffer has also provided a look at the rumored new iPhone 7 Lightning headphones, so there's another reason to pay attention.

Still, getting this clear a look at a new iPhone this far out from launch is rare, so we're going to take all this with a big pinch of salt – and so should you.

James Peckham

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