T-Mobile iPhone 5: release date, news and features

iphone 5 for tmobile
Will they or won't they have an iPhone 5?

Finally! T-Mobile announced today that it will begin selling Apple's latest iPhone, the iPhone 5, come April 12.

T-Mo promises the device will come to customers in a "new affordable, unrestricted and hassle-free way."

Cheap times come to an end

One month after the Un-carrier brought the iPhone 5 to life on its networks, the company is pulling a fast one on the price.

As of May 13, the phone formerly home to a $99 down payment will now cost $149.99 up front. While a T-Mo spokesperson told us it was still "easily the most affordable iPhone 5 price on the market today," those who haven't yet gotten the phone may be miffed that they missed out on what was actually a limited time offer.

Moving 500,000 iPhone 5s

The iPhone 5 on T-Mobile seems to be clicking with customers as the company reported in early May that it had moved about half a million units in three weeks.

New customer figures and customer retention were also in the black for T-Mobile, signaling that the iPhone 5 coupled with its Un-carrier payment plans may be just walk mobile phone users are looking for.

Will the iPhone 5 come to MetroPCS?

Yes, we know this page is all about T-Mobile, but as of April 30, MetroPCS is part of the Magenta family.

However, there are no immediate plans to trickle the iPhone 5 down to the pre-paid carrier. Not that it won't ever arrive, however.

While T-Mobile plans on expanding the MetroPCS brand into new markets and add some of its phones to the little sister company, the companies aren't even sure how they'll be co-branded, let alone what products they'll share.

Discussions with Apple are possibly already taking place, but don't hold you're breath for the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile's merger acquisition.

'Gangbusters' first day

We know you slogged out to pick up the iPhone 5 on its first day at T-Mobile...right.

Well, if you weren't able to make it to a T-Mobile store April 12, the company wants you to know the first day of sales was just peachy.

"Today has been gangbusters for T-Mobile," said Mike Sievert, chief marketing officer for T-Mobile, in a statement sent to TechRadar.

"We experienced lines out the door this morning at nearly all of our almost 3,000 stores nationwide. Today really showcased how our new Simple Choice Plan and our Un-carrier philosophy is resonating with customers. Clearly they want the iPhone 5, and they are voting with their feet that they want it from T-Mobile."

Way to go, T-Mo. We'll wait and see what actual sales figures look like, but we appreciate the optimism.

$0 down trade-ins for an iPhone 5

From April 12 (the day the iPhone 5 goes on sale at T-Mobile) through June 16, T-Mobile customers looking for a way to swap their iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S and pick up an LTE-equipped iPhone can do so for $0 down.

Customers will need qualifying credit to take advantage of the deal, plus still make monthly payments to pay off the full price of the phone, but it's a good way to save some money. Depending on the trade-in value of their old phone, customers can receive up to a $120 credit.

Better than using your old phone for a coaster, if you ask us.

Pre-orders open for iPhone 5

If you've been waiting for Friday, April 5 like Christmas, then you'll be pleased to know the day has arrived and pre-orders for the iPhone 5 on T-Mobile are now official open.

You can head over to the T-Mobile website to put your order in for the $99.99 iDevice, though remember there are 24 months of regular payments you'll need to make in order to keep your cell service crackling.

Those 99 clams will get you a 16GB phone, while $199 down nabs you a 32GB version and $299 a 64GB.

Pay full price for the phones up front and you'll fork over $579, $669 and $779 respectively.