T-Mobile bends over backwards for LG G Flex, offers a QWERTY phone to boot

T-Mobile LG G Flex, Optimus F3Q
Two LG for T-Mo on February 5

It seems like only yesterday we were reporting not one, but two US carriers as the first to offer LG's flexible new smartphone, which is now winging its way to contract-free customers on T-Mobile as well.

T-Mobile announced online preorders for LG's latest Android flagship smartphone will be available in all of the company's online and retail channels starting February 5.

Close on the heels of rivals Sprint and AT&T, the so-called "world's first curved, flexible" LG G Flex can be pre-ordered from T-Mobile's website for $0 down and 24 equal monthly payments of $28 when coupled with a Simple Choice plan.

If being one of the first to acquire such a dexterous handset isn't enough for you, T-Mobile is sweetening the deal with six months of free Netflix streaming (a nearly $50 value), which should look quite sharp on the G Flex's curved six-inch OLED HD display.

QWERTY's revenge

If a flexible smartphone isn't your thing, T-Mobile also announced an alternative option arriving the same date, resurrecting the tactile feel of real hardware keys - a particularly rare option on today's Android devices.

The LG Optimus F3Q features a QWERTY keyboard that looks like it might have traveled through time to arrive in 2014, coupled with a modest QuickMemo-enabled, four-inch IPS TFT display and 5MP camera to match.

Well-qualified hardware keyboard lovers will be able to wrap their fingers around the F3Q for $0 down and 24 equal monthly device payments of $13 for a grand total of $312, a questionable bargain compared to keyboard-less options such as the Moto G.

T-Mobile isn't offering pre-orders for the LG Optimus F3Q, but it too will land at the carrier's online and brick-and-mortar retail locations starting February 5.