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Sony Ericsson phones to lose Windows Mobile?

Sony Ericsson - the penultimate Windows Phone?
Sony Ericsson - the penultimate Windows Phone?

Sony Ericsson looks set to drop its Windows Mobile line, with a poor sales forecast for its Microsoft smartphone range.

Respected mobile phone journalist Eldar Murtazin has claimed on his Twitter feed that the next Windows Mobile handset from the Japanese-Swedish alliance will be the last.

"SE denied to support WM in future, X2 possible the last one WM device (one more in development but could be canceled). Sales forecast is bad."

More Android

However, he also said that next year Sony Ericsson will be focusing far more heavily on Symbian and Android as the company looks to re-invent itself following tough times in the global sales market.

"Next year SE will show 4 android phones, 3-4 S60 phones. I prefer HTC over Android phones, S60 isn't so bad."

One of Sony Ericsson's big hopes for this year is the release of the Satio, a new device based on the Symbian S60 platform.

If the hype surrounding it turns into success, we could see a larger range of devices based on the new 'Entertainment Unlimited' platform (an umbrella term for the phones taking the best of Cybershot and Walkman phones), which could only help the ailing brand.