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Sony Ericsson CEO: PSP phone 'could happen'

The PSP phone - it's back on!
The PSP phone - it's back on!

Sony Ericsson's chief Hideki Komiyama has confirmed that a PSP phone could be on the horizon as he seeks to turn the fortunes of the company around.

In an interview with the FT discussing the problems Komiyama is facing to make Sony Ericsson turn a profit, he confirmed that such a device wasn't being vetoed by Sony and 'could happen'.

He also labelled the Xperia X1, Sony Ericsson's latest high end smartphone, a "kind of experiment."

Open to interpretation

However, this has led to a number of news outlets interpreting this as admission that the Xperia brand with Windows Mobile is doomed, or that the name may be scrapped altogether, despite other high level executives confirming that there will be more Xperia devices this year.

Komiyama also stated that the company will now provide phones based on Android, Symbian or Windows Mobile, meaning the death of its UIQ OS, which he described as a 'bad bet'.

Conversely, Ericsson CEO Carl-Henric Svanberg has said that Sony would be a "logical buyer" for the joint partnership, once again fuelling the rumour fire that the partnership will soon be dissolved.

Via FT and Reuters